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Steve Garland/ External Specialist Advisor

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United Kingdom

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Steve has over 30 years experience in Adult Social Care and has had an extensive career spanning across Social Services, Health organisations and Third Sector.  He has had experience as a Care worker, a Community Worker, Social Worker, Senior practitioner, Team Manager, Integrated Manager and Senior Manager.  He has led on major transformational programmes and significant restructurings and developed innovative projects in terms of progression and leading to improved outcomes for people and extensive savings.He has expertise in Strategic and Operational issues at a local,regional and national level.He is also currently a Trustee of Ategi which provides Shared Lives Schemes across the UK

He has been working for the City and County of Swansea on a substantial project which focuses on the development of a robust and sustainable commissioning process for people with a Learning Disability and Mental Health Issues.

It has focused on

a, developing a multi agency outcome focused approach to assessment and care and support planning and supporting staff to identify outcomes in a co productive way

b)    Engaged with all relevant partners to ensure full agreement on the process is achieved

c)    Ensure process is fully compliant with all relevant Welsh Government legislation and guidance,with particular reference to Continuing Health Care guidance

d)    Robust Decision making systems

e)    Clear accountability and audt systems

f)     Comprehensive Contract and Procurement arrangements

g)    Financial probity systems

h)   Review and Right Sizing methodology highlighting the progression opportunities for individual

This has involved engagement with Senior Officers,Managers and all relevant staff in the commissioning process and establishing a deliverable product to ensure robust decision making systems,accountability,auditing and control measures.This has been delivered through a Project Management Approach and the process has been piloted and evaluated with improvement plans in place.

Its has also involved the development of significant budget saving strategies and transformatioinal programmes.He has carried out extensive research on best practice and examples of evidence based models in order to deliver the product.

He is also worked with a major UK Social Care Provider, providing advice and guidance on future business planning and market priorities in the area of mental health Service Delivery

He has worked as an Associate for IPC on a time limited piece of work with another Associate,helping to develop a national template for assessment in Substance Misuse.

He is currently working in Powys County Council which is focusing on the review of High Cost Complex Need packages involving assessment,review and right sizing /right pricing in the context of a progression based model.

He has also worked in Spain which involved delivering a workshop  on Commissioning and the development of Community Based models of Supported Accommodation for individuals with Complex needs as part of an all Spain Conference on Inclusion.Further work has been identified for 2017 in relation to delivering this model in the Spainish context.




Prior to January 2016, Steve was a Principal Officer for Adult Care for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services and was in post from 2008.


Responsiblites included;




¡   Lead Officer for a complete restructuring of all Assessment and Care Management Services in Neath Port Talbot which included the development of new roles and responsibilities for all posts from Team Manager down to unqualified posts, new teams structures and the development of operational policies for the new structure Management of  a range of Assessment and Care Management Services, including Learning Disability, Physical Disabilities, Mental Health, Substance Misuse and includes a new Pan Disability team which has been recently developed following a restructuring .


¡   The development of Strategic and Commissioning Strategies and Market Position Statements across all Adult Service Areas


¡   Lead officer for the delivery of the Closer to Home Project in Neath Port Talbot CBC which is a regional partnership between three Local Authorities,Health Boards,Registered Soicial Landlords and Care Providers.The focus of the project is to deliver supported accommodation to individuals with complex needs who are placed out of area in theier own communities.


¡   Directly managed internal Services including day services, respite services and community independence services.  This includes acting as Responsible Individual for regulated services under the CSSIW


¡   Managing Safeguarding and Adult protection services which includes Deprivation of Liberty processes, Mental Capacity/Best interest arrangements following Cheshire West ruling


¡   Responsible for Quality Team which is looking at quality issues in care homes and implementing a holistic approach to monitoring of service delivery in conjunction with Health.


¡   Lead role in the Transforming Adult Social Care Programme which is across all Adult Care services and has involved Programme and project management skills in terms of coordinating and delivering key products for transformation in line with national and regional drivers.


¡   Developed a commissioning model focusing on improving practice so that detailed information is gathered in relation to care and robust data that supports confident and comprehensive negotiations with providers.  Key products include improved outcomes for people and significant savings ie 2.7 million


Presentation of competencies

Developing positive attitudes and values towards adult learners with disabilities

Odnos do udeležencev s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert understands the importance of inclusion and participation of people with disabilities and demonstrates positive values and attitudes.

Pričakovanja do udeležencev s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert has a positive attitude towards the abilities of people and is experienced in strategies which support people to reach their potential.

Odnos ostalih udeležencev v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert is skilled in methods which promote positive attitude and values among the learners.

Zagovorništvo udeležencev s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert is able to support organisations in developing an inclusive model of education.

Odnos do zakonodaje in predpisov na področju dostopnosti

The expert understands accessibility legislation and guidelines and is able to advise an organisation to fulfil their responsibilities.

Izgradnja partnerstva

The expert is familiar with and able to share information of local and national organisations promoting rights of learners with disabilities.
Zajištění přístupného prostředí pro učení

Strokovna podpora

The expert is able to support organisations in developing internal resources and competencies on accessibility and locating other experts.

Upravljanje fizičnega dostopa

The expert is familiar with European and national standards, as well as good practice in making environments accessible and is able to advise and train organisations.

Proračun za dostopnost

The expert is aware of the costs of creating an accessible environment and is able to give advice on possibilities of financing.
Plánování přístupného učení

Načrtovanje učenja in ocenjevanja

The expert is experienced in person-centred support planning and able to train teaching staff to ensure flexible learning.

Priznavanje predhodnega izobraževanja in izkušenj

The expert can train staff on how to recognise prior learning and experiences of learners with disabilities and how to include them in future learning goals.

Upravljanje osebnih podatkov

The expert is able to advise organisations about the regulations for the protection of personal data.

Zdravje in varnost

The expert can advise about health and safety measures for learners with disabilities.
Podpora přístupného učení

Samostojno učenje

The expert is able to support organisations to foster the concept of self-directed and autonomous learning.

Osebna asistenca

The expert can advise the organisation about the possibilities of internal/external personal assistance. They may signpost to qualified and experienced personal assistants.

Evidentiranje in pregledovanje napredka in dosežkov

The expert is able to conduct methods to find reasons for minor achievements and minor progress of learners with disabilities and to find potentials for improvement. She or he can also train the organisation on these methods.

Strokovno znanje zaposlenih o udeležencih s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert is able to advise staff on needs of learners with different disabilities and offer training in meeting their needs.

Podpora učiteljem

The expert is able to advise organisations on developing plans to induct its staff on accessibility.
Komunikace a vztahy s veřejností

Komunikacija z udeleženci s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert is able to train staff on methods and tools for an appropriate and positive communication with learners with disabilities.

Promocija ponudbe izobraževanj

The expert knows strategies und methods to promote inclusive courses and trainings by addressing learners with and without disabilities.

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