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Soufiane El Amrani Inclusion Europe

Easy-to-read Editor
1000 Bruxelles

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Rue du Midi
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Soufiane El Amrani has been working for Inclusion Europe for 9 years as the easy-to-read Editor. Inclusion Europe is an organsation which defends the rights of persons with intellecutal disabiltites and the interest of their famillies. He collaborated in developing Inclusion Europe’s easy-to-read newsletter “Europe for Us” and is writing the texts for the newsletter in easy-to-read language. He also checks other texts to verify if they abide with easy-to-read rules. He advocates at European level for more accessible information and was part of the development team who created the European Standards for making information easy to read and understand.

Presentation of competencies

Developing positive attitudes and values towards adult learners with disabilities

Odnos do udeležencev s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert understands the importance of inclusion and participation of people with disabilities and demonstrates positive values and attitudes.

Pričakovanja do udeležencev s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert has a positive attitude towards the abilities of people and is experienced in strategies which support people to reach their potential.

Odnos ostalih udeležencev v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert is skilled in methods which promote positive attitude and values among the learners.

Izgradnja partnerstva

The expert is familiar with and able to share information of local and national organisations promoting rights of learners with disabilities.
Zajištění přístupného prostředí pro učení

Strokovna podpora

The expert is able to support organisations in developing internal resources and competencies on accessibility and locating other experts.
Zajištění dostupného technologického zařízení pro učení

IKT politika

The expert is able to train organisations on strategies for accessible information and communication technology (ICT).
Podpora přístupného učení

Podpora vrstnikov (sošolcev)

The expert can train the organisation on the concept of peer support and motivate the organisation to enable peer support among the learners.
Komunikace a vztahy s veřejností

Komunikacija z udeleženci s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert is able to train staff on methods and tools for an appropriate and positive communication with learners with disabilities.

Obveščanje o izvajanju izobraževanja

The expert is able to support the organisation in the provision of accessible information and offer training.

Informiranje o dostopnosti v ponudbi izobraževanj

The expert is able to support the organisation in providing information on the accessibility of their course offerings in their public relation material.

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