01 January 2014

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  • Artability

Artability is a 2 years project based on the sharing of good practices mobilising people with disability into lifelong learning process through laboratories on visual art techniques and management of art exhibitions, as well as through strengthening their belief in personal capabilities. The project aims to reverse the mainstream educational concept that only considers people with disability as consumers and not producers of knowledge.

Project activities will involve at least 15 people with disability from 4 participating countries (Greece, Italy, Spain, and Lithuania), a number that allows working as a group with better interaction, coordination and sharing while ensuring effective implementation of activities. The project is designed to have an assertive impact on target groups also after its completion by attaining strong results in two pillars:

  • sustainable material outputs;
  • sustainable and transferable methodology.

Via the weekly art laboratories the project will have generated tens of artistic productions in each partner country that are going to be showed in art exhibitions after the life of the project. Additionally, the impact of visibility and media coverage of the exhibitions conceptualized, generated, and managed by the collaboration of mainstream cultural organisations and people with disability reaches beyond the lifetime of the project. Most importantly, the skills people with disability acquire as individuals, as practicing artists and as members of an equal community are inherent within themselves. 

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