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Our 3rd partner meeting of the AEMA project took place from 23th to 24th of June in Porto. We changed the meeting location from Prague to Porto because of the big annual EAEA conference. In parallel to the EAEA Grundtvig award, another call for projects was launched this year to collect remarkable projects on accessibility in Adult Education. On the 22th evening, the AEMA award was assigned to the EAEA member Bildungshaus Schloss Retzhof.


After the celebrations the AEMA partners met in Porto to discuss the next steps in the project. After a brief introduction about work done in the first half of the project – see blog post about the Accessibility Criteria and the Competency Catalogue – we had a fruitful discussion about the assessment tools for the main targets (adult education providers and experts on accessibility) as well as the functionalities of the AEMA Checkpoint. Adult education providers will have an assessment tool based on the accessibility criteria and experts on accessibility can upload their portfolio and show their competencies on accessibility on certain areas. They can place their knowledge and competencies and can promote themselves. If adult education providers are planning to improve certain points of accessibility in their organisation they automatically get information about experts on accessibility in their regional environment (see blog post from May 2015).

After the development of the products during the summer, we are going to test the checkpoints in eight countries together with providers and experts.


Additional to the discussions about the Portal and Testing, all partners presented their results of the first National Networking Meeting and the ideas and time schedule for the second Networking Meeting in each country.


Follow the AEMA news section for more information about the National Networking Meetings.



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