2nd AEMA Networking Meeting held in Prague

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The 2nd AEMA Networking Meeting was held for the Czech Republic in Prague on March 15th 2016. Prepared by the RYTMUS that have addressed to the widest possible range of subjects: from providers of adult education (tertiary and vocationaly), after the organization representing the interests and needs of people with disabilities.

Meetings was attended by representatives of GATEBO (employer and educator of people with disabilities), Social Academy Tabor (educator of adults), SPMP Czech Republic (association of friends and persons with mental disabilities in the Czech Republic); in close cooperation remain colleagues from the Association of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and their Friends, QUIP - Association for Change, the Center for students with special needs at Charles University and the Czech Technical University, who at the last minute they had to excuse.

The theme of the meeting was to test tools of the AEMA project, like the Assessment Tool and the Maturity Matrix, which are designed to help organizations identify and subsequently develop (in a positive sense) its accessibility towards persons with disabilities who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in further education. The theme itself is proving to be very attractive, because the Czech Republic is currently debating fiercely about the concept of inclusive education. Supporters of this concept (which obviously includes people and organisations, which are interested about the project AEMA) is welcome every initiative, every tool or method which allows inclusive practice more deeply and lastingly anchor in Czech society.

The AEMA Maturity Matrix and the Assessment Tool is involved seems to be very helpful and they take it seriously. What would facilitate greater and easier expansion and putting into practice that should be their more clarity or a certain simplicity, which would mean greater friendliness towards all.

Debaters, talking about this theme, soon led to questions as to make the nascent "AEMA network" viable and effective. For the environment in the Czech Republic it should be helpful to build up a "network" effectively linking all possible and imaginable subjects: from the very people with disabilities, through educators and employers to the state institutions such as Labour offices. To the best possible use and exploitation of any of its own potential - willingness to learn, interest in educating, organizing and securing financial resources.

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